Welcome to the Lopez’s vineyards estate where passion, pleasure and sharing are passed from generation to another.

A family heirloom that is passed from father to daughter

Everything begun in 1963 when Jean Lopez Camara and his wife started this adventure. In the 1980s, their two sons have carried on the exploitation, until 2010. At this moment, Geraldine, the third generation representative took up the management of the estate, accompanied with her parents. The winegrower wants to perpetuate the traditional wine-producing methods while bringing a touch of modernism.

Bordeaux wines honored

The Château de l’Hermitage and Château Lagrugere’s vineyards include 40 hectares, including 2 hectares in AOC Bordeaux Blanc (White) and 38 hectares in AOC Bordeaux Superieur Rouge et Bordeaux Rouge (Red). Since 2016, all our vines are certified bio.

A lot of prestigious awards regularly recognize the Château de l’Hermitage and Château Lagrugere’s wins (here)





一切都从1963年,Jean Lopez Camara 和妻子Jeanne Arlette 开启这个旅程开始。20世纪80年代,他们的两个儿子恢复了经营。从2010年开始,Géraldine在父母的辅佐下,代表第三代传人接过了火炬。葡萄种植者想要延续传统的酿酒方法,增加一些现代特色。

Hermitage和 Lagrugere酒庄的葡萄园有40公顷,其中2公顷生产AOC白葡萄酒,38公顷生产AOC高等波尔多红酒和波尔多红酒。从2016年起,我们所有的葡萄园都获得了有机认证。

Hermitage酒庄和Lagrugere 酒庄的葡萄酒经常获得深孚众望的奖项。


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